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 Give us a 6 months grace period.

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We just know that this product sells itself. We believe in our products and we know it really helps your company to sell more.
On top of that, we will notify you about that option when the 6 months passed.
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Who can take the advantage of this product?

Small and medium sized shops

Shops who want to stand out from the crowd and soar. Shop owners who want to increase their average order value.

Large Companies

In order to expand their portfolio, it is essential that they stock all relevant products.

Brick-and-mortar stores

Those who recognise how easily they can sell the product as a bundle deal with a few kind words.

Excited yet?
Our magic in numbers

We continuously add 1-3 new products each month, totaling over 50 options.

 Enjoy hassle-free European shipping with zero customs duty.

With the actual manpower we can produce 120-150 packages daily and scale up quickly to meet demand.

We won’t leave you alone! We provide professional support and an extreme guarantee on our products and services.

What do our partners say about us?

The Tailor of Meeples

"I found no company in Europe that specialized in creating stickers for Boardgames... So I created one!"

Robert Ocskó
Owner of MeepleStickers


Why now?

We are now expanding in B2B, but there may come a time when we will no longer be taking on new B2B clients due to capacity limitations. The reason for this is simply that.

What are you waiting for?

-I don’t have time for this…

Really? You are at the end of this page. Registration only takes 2 minutes…

-I am still not sure what you are selling to me…

Board game stickers,that are going to boost your average order value and are easy to sell.

-What happens if it doesn’t work for us…

That’s what “We are Crazy” guarantee is for. Didn’t work? We take it back. Nothing to loose